TUM policies, terms and conditions will be ammended if necessary from time to time without any prior notice. However, it will be notified after the changes has been made.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TUM Policy on Products

  • All items showcased and sold here are NEW unless stated otherwise
  • All items showcased and sold have been ensured to be in very good, excellent condition unless stated otherwise

TUM Policy on Prospects and Reservations

  • TUM welcomes only serious and unfussy customers
  • TUM will no longer tolerate customers who backed out without any notice after confirming their purchase. TUM have the rights to blacklist and ignore this type of customers in the future without any notice in return
  • Backout buyers will be identified, their personal details recorded and blacklisted if necessary
  • TUM honours the "first come / paid, first served" policy
  • Reservation can only be made by submitting the complete order form via email. Order via sms or other methods will NOT be entertained
  • Any email requesting to reserve item(s) without submitting a complete order form will NOT be treated as a valid order
  • Any advance reservation before a new batch is launched is NOT allowed. This is to be fair to other potential customers
  • Reservation period is only 24 hours after your email has been replied with TUM invoice enclosed. Customer will have to make full payment within this period
  • Should the customer failed to make payment within 24 hours reservation, the order will automatically be void and item(s) shall be released to other interested customer in waiting list without prior notice
  • However, an extra 24 hours (or more, if necessary) grace period will be granted ONLY if there's any delay caused by technical faults in the banking system, error in the internet connection or any other valid reasons informed by the customer via email, phone call or sms
  • TUM will email a friendly reminder to the customer after 12 hours of order confirmation to ensure that payment will be made on time to avoid any miscommunication until the deal is done

TUM Policy on Payment & Deals

  • Full payment is to be made via wire transfer, ATM transfer or cash deposit machine before the item(s) can be delivered to the customer
  • TUM prefers direct transfer to its CIMB and Maybank accounts to ensure fast and smooth biz transactions. However, interbank transfer (e.g. RHBBank to CIMBclicks) will also be accepted, provided that the customer make the transfer within 24 hours after receiving TUM's invoice and send in a copy of receipt as proof of payment. *Please note however that interbank transfer method is NOT preferable as it is not fair for other customers who are willing to pay direct and on the spot for the same item(s)*
  • Any payment made AFTER confirmation is NOT RETURNABLE, so if you wish to cancel your order, it's at your own risk. The best way is to make up your mind before placing your order
  • Payment are all in Ringgit Malaysia, cash terms only
  • All sales are final and all good(s) sold is NOT returnable, exchangeable or refundable in any form unless the situation requires both parties to do so

TUM Policy on Prices & Memberships

  • There will be two types of pricing - member's price for returning customers, and new customer's price
  • Returning customers includes all previous TUM's Lifetime 10% discount E-card holder
  • Item(s) prices for new customers will be slightly higher than member's price. This is to give a chance for the new customers to get access of becoming The Urban Muslimah official member, and this will in turn give special privilledges for them in terms of discounts and free postages as well as other perks in the future
  • To become a member of TUM, one only needs to spend at least RM40 in a single receipt and he/she will be automatically included in TUM's Buyers Database, his/her personal data recorded and will then enjoy the privilledges as stated above, the next time he/she shop with The Urban Muslimah
  • All prices DOES NOT include postal charges
  • All prices are fixed and final, unless stated otherwise

TUM Policy on Product Restockability

  • All items are normally exclusive items, therefore it will only be available in a very limited pieces - usually 1 piece for each design/colour
  • If an item's status is RESTOCKABLE, TUM will provide certain amount of time to collect restocking request from other interested customer. One will need to submit the order form via email and make full payment within 24 hours or within a time period stated by TUM before the particular item(s) can be restocked
  • If the item(s) run out of stock from our supplier, all payment(s) will be fully refunded within 1-3 days
  • Any restock request after the duration given will not be entertained unless both parties have come to certain agreement on it
  • Item(s) with "SOLD OUT" or "STRICTLY NOT RESTOCKABLE" status will not be restocked anymore unless stated otherwise

TUM Policy on Delivery

  • All item(s) that has been fully paid will be delivered within 1-3 days depending on the location and postal method chosen by the customer
  • However, TUM pledge to try and deliver all item(s) sold within the same day the payment is received, if possible - subject to the time payment is received, and TUM's convenience
  • Delivery via Pos Malaysia (Pos Express/Poslaju) will be done strictly on Monday, Wednesday & Friday only. So plan your purchase and payment wisely to avoid any frustration or miscommunication in the future
  • *NEW* Delivery to any office address within Malaysia will be done on Mondays and Wednesdays only to avoid your parcel being missing over the weekends
  • Postal charges is NOT applicable on any purchase with COD option. However please note that at least 50% deposit payment is required beforehand or the item will NOT be released. This is to avoid last minute backout or cancellation
  • Postal charges for Pos Express is RM5 – RM7, limited to 1-2 item(s) only (ammended 30th Sept. 2009 due to the increased price for Pos Express envelopes by Pos Malaysia)
  • Postal charges for Poslaju is between RM4-RM10 or more depending on the item's weight and location which it will be sent
  • Once the item has been posted and tracking number released, it is the customer's responsibility to monitor the item's status and whereabouts
  • The Urban Muslimah shall NOT be held responsible for any loss or damages occured during delivery

TUM Policy On Product Presentation

  • TUM will NEVER model its products on/near animals, on human beings, on/near non-halal things or on the ground. This is to ensure the cleanliness of the item(s) as we put hygiene as our number 1 priority
  • Colour of items displayed on screen may vary with the actual ones due to monitor setting and lighting during photoshoot